Our mission is to provide elite baseball instruction and sports performance training to athletes of the Coastal Carolina area ranging from youth to professional levels. Our goal is to place an emphasis on combining the development of baseball fundamentals with athletic performance. This evidence-based approach enables each athlete to reach their full potential and gives them the competitive edge to achieve their goals of playing at the next level.  We believe that our backgrounds of proven experience and credentials at the collegiate and professional levels sets us apart in order to provide the athletes who train with us the ultimate  baseball training experience.

Ryan Soares
Director of Player Development
Head Coach

“Throughout my baseball career, both collegiately and professionally, I have worked with some truly remarkable baseball minds. I have been able to learn different aspects of the game as well as what coaching styles are most effective and incorporate them into my own coaching philosophy. These experiences have provided me with the knowledge and skill set needed to help build a successful program”.

“I am very excited to continue the next chapter of my baseball career in North Carolina. Carolina is a hotbed for baseball talent and I hope to share the connections that I have made throughout my baseball career to help the athletes of this area get to the next level. I look forward to bringing all the knowledge and drills that I have learned throughout my career to the players here. Over the past 10 years the game of baseball has evolved and with the new drills and training programs, guys are faster, stronger and more developed. I look forward to introducing these training programs and helping guys get ready to reach their peak performance”.

Shannon Soares, MS
Director of Sports Performance

"As I have developed my philosophy over 14 years of being a sports medicine professional, I have strived to create an environment which will allow athletes to reach their full potential of peak performance.  My approach blends sports medicine, strength & conditioning, and physical therapy in an effort to provide the athletes with a complete package for success.  This methodology,  combined with an emphasis on prevention, maintenance, nutrition, and recovery will enable the athletes to perform at the highest level they are capable of.  Through learning how to take care of their bodies, the responsibility, dedication, and discipline  they will learn from this will give them the tools to grow into successful adults while also empowering them to reach their goal of playing at the next level."

"I look forward to offering the skills and experience I have acquired throughout my career to the athletes of coastal Carolina.  By bringing the cutting edge methods I was able to utilize in the ACC to the athletes here, I can help them get to the next level." 

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Max Velocity Baseball Academy
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