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About Us

The MVB Difference...

Our vision is to provide elite baseball instruction and sports performance training to athletes of the coastal Carolina area, ranging from youth to professional levels. At MVB, we build the complete athlete by combining the development of baseball fundamentals with athletic performance training. This evidence-based approach enables each athlete to reach their full potential and gives them the competitive edge they need to achieve their goals of playing at the next level.  We believe that our established career backgrounds of proven experience and credentials at the collegiate and professional levels of instruction sets us apart in order to provide the athletes who train at MVB the ultimate  baseball training experience.

Changing the Game

The  Max Velocity Baseball program is a professionally staffed baseball developmental organization in Hampstead, NC. 

Our structured, comprehensive development program is built on years of experience and success.

Our program focuses on player development which begins in the off season with performance training and sport-specific skill development.  


Player development  continues throughout the entire baseball season with access to professional instruction in both baseball and sports performance training.  Max Velocity Baseball strives to enable our athletes to reach their maximum potential of peak performance.

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