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Kinesio Taping

What Is Kinesio Tape?

Kinesio tape is a therapeutic treatment option which uses an elastic sports tape designed to relieve pain while supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It is fundamentally different from conventional sports tape, which limits range of motion and circulation by restricting movement of the affected muscles and joints. Kinesio taping techniques are designed to facilitate the body's natural healing process by supporting and stabilizing the muscles and joints without restricting the body's range of motion. The tape is applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tired muscles, and to support muscles in movement on a 24hr/day basis. It is one of the most effective tools to treat injuries caused by overuse in athletes today. Kinesio tape is a uniquely designed elastic tape which is hypoallergenic and latex free.  It is water/sweat resistant and is designed to be worn for extended periods of time for continued therapeutic benefit.   

Beach Volleyball Gold Medal Winner Kerri Walsh at the Beijing 2008 Olympics Supports Her Shoulder with Kinesio Tape

How Does It Work?


When an area of the body is injured through impact or over-use, the lymphatic fluid builds up causing inflammation. This accumulation of lymphatic fluids increases the pressure on muscles, tissue, and nerve receptors which can often result in significant discomfort or pain.

Kinesio Tape microscopically lifts the skin away from the soft tissue underneath, decompressing the layers of fascia. This action reduces pressure while at the same time enables a more effective flow of blood and lymphatic fluid in and out of the target area.  The lifting affect also facilitates the lymphatic system's ability to transport white blood cells throughout the body as well as remove waste by-products and cellular debris created by inflammation.  This alleviates swelling, and improves range of motion of the injured muscle and joint, thus accelerating the healing and recovery process.

Advantages of Kinesio Tape

  • Improves Proper Movement Patterns

  • Improves Muscular Activation

  • Decreases Stress on a Joint

  • Improves Sport Performance

  • Speeds Recovery after an Event

  • Decreases Pain to Move Faster and Stronger

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Increases Circulation

  • Improves Proprioception (Balance)

  • Inhibits Overactive Muscles

  • Re-educates Neuromuscular System

Common Problems that can be addressed using Kinesio Taping include issues such as:​

  • Muscle Strains

  • Sprains

  • Tendonitis/osis

  • Contusions

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