Sports Performance

Max Velocity Baseball Academy offers athlete development through sports performance training using proven evidence-based methods for athletes of all sports. We place an emphasis on building a strong foundation of proper movement patterns, mobility, and stability.  This enables us to then maximize functional strength with sport specific athleticism.  By following this model of training we can successfully eliminate compensations caused by incorrect movement patterns which can lead to  poor performance and injury.  By ensuring athletes have this essential foundation, we can then start to build strength and sport-specific skill in the proper way in order to give them the tools to attain peak performance on the field while at the same time reducing the risk of injury.

At Max Velocity, we tailor make customized programs based on each athlete's specific individual needs.  Generic programs can limit your potential, reinforce bad habits or even cause issues that did not exist before. Our programs are designed to develop athletic performance by gaining strength, which is the foundation for building power, stability, speed and agility.  We also place an emphasis on increasing range of motion while also strengthening the stabilizing muscles in order to control that motion.  We will teach athletes how to properly engage and transfer force from the lower body to the upper body. Our athletes will also train on how to properly accept and transfer force.  You can only speed up what you can slow down. These are the muscles that "put the brakes on" movement and are too often overlooked.  They will train to have power and control in the specific movement patterns necessary to perform advanced skills in their sport.  Training in this manner will help take a good athlete to the next level and is a key factor in injury prevention. 

Individual Performance Training Sessions

  • Corrective Exercise Programs

  • Performance Enhancement Programs

  • Injury Prevention Programs

  • Transitional Injury Rehabilitation Programs:  Bridge the Gap between the end of formal physical therapy and return to play at full strength

Functional Movement Screen Assessment

At Max Velocity we offer a comprehensive series of postural assessments, movement pattern screenings, and dynamic performance testing which will help us identify any weaknesses, limitations, or dysfunctional movement patterns that exist.  This evaluation will enable us to create an individualized program specific to your needs as well as serving as a means to monitor progress.

Using the results from the movement screen, you will have a program designed to correct any deficiencies, weaknesses, or compensatory movement patterns that may exist. By making sure we begin by building a strong foundation, we can successfully improve performance as well as decrease injury potential.  We can then properly develop the strength, speed, power, agility, and sport- specific skills necessary for high level sports performance. 

* The first step in athletic development is determining what your starting point is and understanding what your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations are.  In order to acquire this information needed to design a program specific to individualized needs, all athletes will have the Functional Movement Screening Assessment before beginning a sports performance training program at Max Velocity Baseball.  This will be performed during your initial session. 

***Please call to inquire about group/Team training***

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